Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Admin Staff: Latest Healthcare Trends In UK

The stress put by covid 19 on the healthcare system, helped in the evolution of the system. During covid 19 it was almost impossible to manage administrative tasks while keeping up with the strains of covid. Without the streamlined administrative tasks, medical systems wouldn’t have been able to perform as efficiently,hence to reduce the panic and chaos caused by covid, healthcare practices started outsourcing the medical admin tasks to outsource service providers.  This blog walks you through the tasks performed by medical admin staff, challenges faced by in house staff, and the benefits of outsourcing these tasks. 

Understanding medical administrative tasks:

Medical administrative staff  is the backbone of healthcare practices. From managing records to appointment scheduling, billing and insurances, they handle it all with grace. Their tasks are equally crucial, as without their assistance, it would all fall onto the healthcare practitioners. 

The Need for Outsourcing:

Hiring in house staff for day to day administrative tasks can be pretty much costly. Not only that, the practitioners have to go through the pain of interviewing and hiring the competent , relevant people for the job. There is a big chance that these appointees may not stay for long, hence hiring and firing may interrupt the fluency of the admin processes. With outsourcing however that may not be the case, specially if you hire through proficient medical staff providers like medics-UK. Medics-UK provides unmatched outsourcing medical and admin staff services, including locum doctors.  We outsource to individuals who have experience and credibility in the medical and health care sector.  Visit our website for more information at Medics-UK

Challenges of Keeping In-house Medical Admin Staff

In house medical admin staff has its own set of challenges that may be overcome by outsourcing medical admin staff. A few of these challenges are:

  • Fixed skillset:

The in-house medical staff may have a fixed skillset and may not be able to keep up with the ever changing landscape of healthcare technology. Sometimes admin staff are rigid towards the evolving healthcare system, and changing their minds is no easy feat.  

  • Hiring and non compliance:

In-house staff is difficult to manage and may cost more than outsourcing the medical admin staff. Medical practitioners have to go through the process of interview and shortlist the relevant candidates for the job. It often happens that the hired individuals do not stay longer in the hired role. However in outsourcing, all the hiring and firing is done by the agencies letting the practitioners focus on core healthcare tasks. 

  • Neglect of core healthcare services:

Administrative tasks can take the resources and focus away from core healthcare services. For example maintaining records may affect patient examination or patient care. But both tasks are equally essential. Outsourcing the maintenance of records may save time and bring the focus back to core healthcare services/ activities. 

The benefits of outsourcing medical admin staff:

In-house medical admin staff has certain challenges, which can be easily tackled by outsourcing the medical admin staff. Outsourcing the staff may be cost effective, and may help in reducing the staff burden. 

Cost-effectiveness of outsourcing medical admin staff

Outsourcing may be cost effective, because it helps save funds spent on hiring, training and the overhead charges for in-house administrative staff. Outsourcing service providers have experienced individuals who have knowledge about the medical and admin tasks which saves the cost of training the individuals hired in house for such tasks. 

Focus on Core Healthcare Activities:

With administrative tasks allocated to the outsourced individuals, healthcare practitioners can direct all their focus on core healthcare activities and patient care. They can adhere to patient satisfaction and engagement with more focus. 

Reduced risk of errors:

Outsourcing medical admin staff may reduce the risk of errors as they are well versed in performing medical administrative tasks. Outsourcing service providers have automated and advanced systems that ensure the reduced risk of any errors. Automating tasks such as data entry also reduces the risk of any mistakes. 

Improved employee satisfaction

With the cost reduction that comes with outsourcing tasks, healthcare practitioners can invest more on in house medical staff. It may result in a high employee satisfaction rate. Outsourcing may also help in reducing the burnout rate that in house medical staff faces.

Finding the right outsourcing partner for medical admin staff

How to find the right fit for your medical admin needs? Well you can make sure that they have the following protocols fin place for their services. 

  • Expertise in healthcare administration:

Since the agencies or service providers are providing outsourced services for the medical and healthcare sector, they should be well versed in healthcare administration such as data entry, billing, and maintaining medical records.

  • Compliance adherence:

Make sure that the outsourcing service provider is complying with the healthcare codes and laws such as HIPAA. It helps you in any legal matters and other laws. 

  • Quality assurance:

The outsourcing partner you hire must have regular quality checks in place, for the secure and efficient working of the systems.

  • Cybersecurity protocols:

Your outsourcing partners must have data security protocols in place. Not only that they should also have backup and disaster alerts for any breaches in data or cyber security. 

The future of outsourcing in medical administration:

With the advancement in technology , AI has also been integrated in medical administration. The administration processes will soon be fully automated requiring no human assistance. Enhanced data analytics will play a crucial role in the medical administration in the future. It will help in streamlining the medical processes through data driven insights.


Medical admin staff plays the pivotal role in streamlining the medical processes and activities. However, covid put a strain on the healthcare system overwhelming the medical and the administration staff. As a result outsourcing service providers came to the rescue and the admin services were outsourced to the service providers. This way by delegating tasks, the burnout of the medical staff was reduced and the cost reduction also benefited the healthcare practitioners. If we compare in house and outsourced administrative services, it can be clearly seen that by outsourcing the admin tasks the in house medical service providers and practitioners can focus more on the core health care activities. If you are looking for trustworthy outsourcing medical admin staff service providers, medics-UK can help you. We provide admin medical admin staff outsourcing services  along with locum doctors. To know more about our services visit our website at medics-UK

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