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Primary Care Human Resource

Medics-UK works with wide network of doctors in primary care mainly but also in tertiary care and has helped 100s of placement oh healthcare staff in different settings. Contact us if you require clinician for your organisation. We provide onsite and virtual support.


Medics-UK has partnered with Glenlyn medical centre to offer flexi-GP services to provide virtual consultations round the clock. The aim of this service is to increase the interaction between doctor and patient. Also to provide flexibility to both sides to be able to access each other as per their convenience.

Occupational health

We run clinics for medical assessment of HGV and Taxi drivers. Please book the appointment into one of the available clinic at www.medics4drivers.co.uk

GP private clinics

Medics-UK has partnered with Doctap UK to provide services in private clinics on various different locations in London.

Medics-UK Teaching and Training

Has partnered with Ielts Medical and currently running preparatory courses available for MRCGP www.mrcgpdoctors.com & PLAB www.plabdoctors.com

Medical advisor

Medics-UK has proudly partnered with medambulnz UK for over 1.5 years and successfully supporting paramedics staff and contributing towards professional development and quality control.